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A Kansas native, DEANN, in one word, is an Entertainer. With her small town roots and her big city heart, DEANN has been involved with music from her early years throughout college and has been based in the Kansas City music scene since 2010. DEANN can be found on most weekends in the KC metro performing with her working band, Superstar Mafia.

DEANN's songwriting journey began with her first single release called SIREN. The song was recorded in January 2020. DEANN, like many other artists during 2020, had an opportunity to re-set, focus and create. What surfaced was a storyteller, a songwriter that came to fruition with the release of her debut album called Play Them Cards on June 3rd, 2021. 

In August 2021, Lone Jett & The Brokenhearts, a tribute to Joan Jett, had it's debut on the Full Throttle Saloon stage at the infamous Sturgis Rally in Sturgis, SD. As of October 2021, DEANN has expanded the tribute to include Blondage, a tribute to Blondie, and can be found at festivals and events throughout the Midwest.  

DEANN prides herself in the charity work she has been part of with Band of Angels and Art that Blows based in Kansas City, which helps refurbish and donate band instruments to K-12 students.


DEANN shares her passion, vision and storytelling giving listeners the opportunity to connect on a personal level, be it from their past, future or current reality.



Big City Heart Album Cover (3000 × 3000 px).jpg

Released Sept 20th 2023


Full Album Release June 2021

Siren-Cover Final (1).png

Single Released April 2020


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