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A Kansas native, DEANN is, in one word, an Entertainer. DEANN has been involved with music from her early years throughout college and has been based in the Kansas City music scene since 2010. DEANN calls herself "Genre Neutral" and has worked in the musical arena of Cover Bands, Tribute Bands and now has released her first Album - Play Them Cards consisting of 10 original songs.

The Heather Stones and Superstar Mafia are two of her current cover bands playing an average of 75 shows per year. The most memorable with Superstar Mafia was Kansas City’s annual charity JAZZOO, June 2019. The album was released on June 2nd, 2021 and DEANN has also taken on the role of Lone Jett and the Brokenhearts - tribute to Joan Jett -  which will debut on the Full Throttle state at Sturgis 2021.

DEANN's end goal with every performance is to leave her audience wondering what will she do next. Music is intertwined in every aspect of life. Happiness begins first with a theme song, then everything else builds from there. Let DEANN entertain you!

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